Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Getting Over Nightmares

In one of my recent nightmares, Al Capone was hoisted up by a deus ex machina in an old warehouse, going on a kicking rampage, laughing maniacally and bludgeoning hundreds of hogtied unfortunates with his spats. My view hovered over the bodies and examined the inside of one man’s broken skull.

In another nightmare, I was walking in my pajamas around a cozy bed and breakfast and saw children’s corpses lying at the bottom of a staircase. An old Irish woman shook a broom at me and said, “When you come down, you can sweep up the murdered children.”

My limited sleep has been polluted by nightmares lately. I called my mom a couple days ago and commenced the conversation with “I’m crazy.” She said, “You called me from halfway around the world to tell me you’re crazy?” She suggested I take myself out on a date, and treat myself to a nice dinner or something. I know exactly where I’m taking myself on this date: a Buddhist Monastery to meditate and hike and not speak a single word to anyone.

I guess the Buddhist Monastery will have to wait. Last night I got dressed up and kissed a gorgeous man who renewed excitement in me. Going out marks the beginning of a new chapter, highlighted by kisses.

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