Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cherry Juice (A poem by me.) :)

A glass of cherry juice my mom asserts could have saved her sister Sarah
She credits this elixir of life for remembering old dance moves
Like the locomotion
Written by Carole King for her kids’ babysitter, Little Eva
The dance was invented after the song came out
And it became a craze
She fantasizes a happier ending to her sisterly saga
Pouring Sarah a glass of cherry juice in her hospital bed
Swearing by its healing powers
As if the juice company paid her to be their spokesperson
Sarah swinging the covers off, jumping up out of bed
And doing the locomotion in her hospital gown
The cherry juice having worked its wonders
For my great-grandma Louise, who lived to be
One Hundred and Six
the key to longevity wasn’t cherry juice
but oysters
Her long, turbulent life was testament to this endorsement
As for me
If food could spring confidence about glowing vitality
And the promise of a near Biblical lifespan
It would be the red bell pepper
Eaten like a crisp apple
Or roasted and stuffed with rice and ground beef
But no meal of oysters, cherry juice, and stuffed peppers
Could have saved my aunt
Sarah in the Bible lived to be 127
She must have eaten pumpkin seeds every day
and told herself this snack was all she needed
To survive any calamity that came her way. 

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