Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I found a diamond

I'm a very disciplined person when I want to be and today was my fourth consecutive day of working out. I'm trying all the different classes and figuring out which ones I like the best based on 1.) how fast the time passes 2.) how tolerable the music is and 3.) how much I like the instructor. On Sunday, I went to a class taught by a crabby woman and I did not like her class. I was defiant by not counting out loud and every time she ordered everybody NOT to do something (she always phrased everything negatively) I'd look at the clock and think "Are we done yet?"

Well, tonight I saw the same crabby aerobics instructor combing the carpet in a mad search for something. I recognized her behavior as that of a woman who's lost an earring. She had recruited the cleaning staff to help her look. I got off the treadmill and asked if she had lost an earring. "Why? Did you find an earring?" she said hopefully. "No," I said and apologized for getting her hopes up. She showed me the single earring, a huge, whopping diamond. "My father gave my mother these earrings." She was on the verge of crying as she opened the vacuum cleaner and searched through the dirt, hair and lint.

I envisioned finding the lost earring and making her happy. She seems like such an undeservedly miserable person. I decided to help her and less than one minute after making that decision I found her missing earring. I honestly don't know why she and her search crew couldn't find it. It was a huge sparkly diamond lying on the carpet. When I returned it to her, she embraced me and thanked me profusely. She had to tell me again how much the earrings meant to her.

I said it was nothing and walked away.

Tonight a very crabby aerobics instructor is going to bed happy.