Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bravo, Christopher Hitchens.

There is a God. Christopher Hitchens signed my book and blessed me. I had never been blessed by an atheist before, and it was the most heartfelt blessing I've ever received.

Tonight, Christopher Hitchens read at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, which he said felt uncomfortably like a cathedral. He was delightful and witty and it was clear that he really enjoyed engaging with people, and getting them to think. Even though about two thousand people listened to him tonight, he had a personable charm that reached out to individuals. I'd say he ranks at the very top of greatest authors whose book readings I have been to, right next to Dave Eggers.

Afterward, I smooth talked my way into the after party, all for my brother, Cory. He is a huge Christopher Hitchens fan, and I wanted to ask Christopher Hitchens to autograph the book "Is Christianity Good For the World" for his birthday. Mission accomplished.

Christopher Hitchens was so gracious and kind. I told him how much I enjoyed his lecture and I complimented him on a debate I saw him in on Youtube. We talked a little about that, long enough for my mom to snap about 12 pictures of us. (My smooth talking got her into the party too.) I was shaking the whole time. He happily signed the book for my brother and when he shook my hand a final time, he said, "Bless you." Wow.

Christopher Hitchens made so many witty remarks tonight. If only I had written them down. I'm still star-struck, which is probably why I can't remember. I am so grateful for Christopher Hitchens. I wish more people were willing to question traditions and dispel myths for the betterment of the world.

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