Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creative vs. Creepy

Two girls came into my work last month and took my picture for a photography venture. Actually, they just came in to get coffee before their photography venture. When they told me they were going to photograph one hundred strangers in one day and post the photos on a blog, I gladly told them I would be one of the strangers.

I love it when creative, non-creepy people come into my work. One guy who wears a Florida hat and rapist glasses comes in frequently. He gives me enamored looks before sitting down to draw naked women. I hate this guy. If he loves Florida so much, why can't he just move there? I've tried being rude to him, but some men are stupid and can't take a hint.

I suppose French women found Toulouse Lautrec creepy. And I read that Vladimir Nabokov used to sneak onto American school buses to write down bits of slang he heard. Also very creepy. But this Florida guy is no Toulouse Lautrec or Vladimir Nabokov.

Creativity is a powerful force. It can be used for good, and it can be used for plain old creepiness. It's like the difference between a bag of jellybeans and a jar of pickles.