Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo. Day 2.

Last night I busted out 1,718 words. Now I just need to do that 29 more times.

Because I am teaching online classes in the middle of my work day, I leave my laptop at school to make my life easier. So last night I was determined to finish my 1667 words that are recommended in order to reach the 50,000-word goal at the end of the month. I had reached 1,000 at school and I thought it would be easy enough to stretch that out, but when I lay down with my notebook and pillow on the floor of my apartment, I almost fell asleep. So I left my warm, garlic- and cheese- and perfume- and incense-smelling apartment and took my work to a nearby coffee shop.

Korea is a loud country. I notice noises other people don’t and I’m gradually adapting to working in a loud environment and tuning out the commotion around me. The man on the computer next to me felt the need to play music on his computer to compete with the Korean ballads blaring from the coffee shop speakers. 

Writing a novel in one month is going to be difficult, but I have no excuses not to finish this year. Here's to a happy productive month of writing. Cheers!


  1. That is a tough dilemma between comfort that might lull you to sleep and the mental clutter that can come with environmental disturbance.

    Best of luck finding a good balance this month. Earplugs sound great. I'll need to track some down for myself.

  2. Thanks, Andrew. I've already fallen behind, but I wrote A LOT today. How is your novel coming along?