Saturday, January 31, 2015

Like This

Like This 

My reward for working so hard is that I get to smell like the diabolical, aristocratic train Nazi in Snowpiercer. Coincidentally, I also smell like the decrepit, rich matron in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Yesterday, I went to the Perfume House on Hawthorne Boulevard. I waved perfume test strips in front of my nose until I found a winner.

I chose Like This, a perfume by Etat Libre D'orange. I was going for something mysterious and Like This was a blend of pleasing and mysterious scents. I later learned the fragrance was inspired by the actress Tilda Swinton. In her roles in both Snowpiercer and The Grand Budapest Hotel Tilda Swinton was grandly mysterious. Just like the perfume with its faint hints of ginger and rose, I didn't recognize Swinton in those films until I read her name in the credits. Anyway, she's one of my favorite actresses and I'm very happy to own a fragrance inspired by her.

Rewarding myself with a bottle of perfume may seem extravagant, but I'm working hard and I deserve it. Recently, I stood up to a bully and I won. I can jog a 5k without being carried away in an ambulance and I'm filling my life with art. So much to celebrate and the Perfume House helps me kick up my heels.

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