Sunday, June 21, 2015


“He liked potted plants, playing the oboe, wild boysenberry yogurt, the smell of hot dogs in the winter, and watching films about the ocean.” This line is from one of my new favorite children’s books, Herman and Rosie, by Gus Gordon.

If I could come up with a list of likes to summarize myself in the 3rd person, it would be, “She liked colorful scarves, mushroom risotto, the smell of whiskey distilleries, and enjoying an ocean view from a balcony at a beach hotel.”

I confided to two of my friends that I was having a tough time transitioning to summer. Now that my life is no longer a demanding ruckus of work and school, I spend my days daydreaming, tripping on my own flip flops, forgetting books on coffee shop counters, attempting to pay for things with my bus pass, and other absentminded blunders. Both friends recommended the book, Transitions, by William Bridges. Recurring book recommendations are not to be ignored, so I promptly put a hold on it at the library.

I also accompanied my mom to Cannon Beach and spent one night at the Stephanie Inn. She was writing about all things culinary for a magazine article and I assumed the role of assistant taste tester. I’m used to eating on the go, so fine dining is a rare treat. I learned the Lazy Susan Cafe makes the best marionberry scones. The mushroom risotto I ordered at the Stephanie Inn was delectable
and the agave spirit I drank at the Cannon Beach Distillery was divine. We also attended a vinaigrette cooking class with the executive chef of the Stephanie Inn.

The Stephanie Inn has rotating pots of fresh coffee in the lobby, a luxury I took advantage of, even at the cost of sleep. Overly caffeinated at 5 AM, I forfeited my erratic sleep to go drink more coffee and enjoy the beautiful view from the windows in the comfortable lobby, where Mozart played from the speakers.  

The smell of ocean air has a revitalizing effect on me The beach reminds me how important it is to relax in life. I’m so used to there being a surplus of tasks to complete each day. But listening to the ocean waves, breathing salty air, and taking time to properly nourish myself was all I needed to put the important things in life into perspective. 

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