Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Caught in the Rain

I think Oregon would be embarrassed to call me one of its daughters, seeing as how I cowered the other night in the face of a tremendous downpour here in Istanbul. After working out at the gym Sunday evening, I stood under the awning at the main entrance, waiting for Mary Poppins to swoop down with her umbrella and save me. The water was blasting down like water cannons and splashing up from newly formed ponds. Giving up on Mary Poppins, I decided to brave the rain and run the two blocks back to my apartment. It was surprisingly enjoyable running through the heavy rain.

I must remind myself that rain, even at this intensity, is still one of the greatest joys in life. Maybe I can stay connected with my Oregon roots and my home state won’t disown me. But I must say, I felt embarrassed when I read about Roseburg’s contemptuous reception of our commander in chief. I don’t understand how a kindhearted man showing up to pay his respects can be greeted with “He’s after our guns!” and with the idiotic sign, “Go back to Kenya.” Reading the news on the other side of the world is interesting, like going through the looking glass. I can gain some perspective on some people’s dismay and disillusionment with America. But with my new workout regime, I at least want to reject any likeness to the stereotypical American body type. I’m not at my goal yet, but I’m constantly improving.

The more I increase my speed on the treadmill by pushing the upward arrow button, the more precise is my recollection of the younger, more athletic version of me. I remember being able to run 20 miles and I want that physical prowess back.

I’m pushing the upward arrow button on my social life, as well. My writing and drawing have both slowed down, but I figure I can always pick up the pace in my creative life when the mood is right. For now, I’m just enjoying going out, getting lost in Istanbul, getting caught in the rain, and meeting new people. I love being out of my comfort zone, both in terms of climate and location. It makes life a hell of a lot more interesting. 

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