Monday, May 23, 2016

Good reasons for showing a guest around Istanbul

I highly recommend having guests and showing them around your city. I can offer several reasons from my own experience of hanging out with my friend Ryder for why this is a good idea.
1.) Riding the ferry back to Asia while the sun is setting and feeling a revival of the honeymoon phase I went through when I first visited Istanbul.
2.) Having an excuse to visit Eyup and walk through a hilly cemetery to the Pierre Loti Cafe for Turkish tea and an exquisite view. (Also, learning the bus goes there and is much faster than taking the ferry.)
3.) Facing my fear of trudging up the formidable stairs at Galata Tower, only to go inside and see that an elevator takes visitors practically to the top. We only had to walk up two flights of stairs.
4.) Visiting the Archaeological Museum with someone who knows a lot about history and seeing some magnificent statues. 
5.) Getting lost and finding the ancient walls of Constantinople by accident, walking along the whole peninsula until I was ready to collapse, but happy that I found a nice new jogging route. 
6.) Realizing the skills I've acquired for crossing the street and my unwarranted faith in crazy drivers not to run me over is completely ridiculous, although sort of thrilling. Crossing the street with Ryder made me feel like Patches O'Houlihan in the movie, Dodgeball, saying, "If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball." 

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