Monday, September 19, 2016

Very Cool Romanian Art

During World War 1, when Bucharest was occupied by Germany, a lot of Romanian art was sent away to Russia for safekeeping and never returned. Nonetheless, the museums in Bucharest are still worth checking out. I visited the Zambaccian Museum, which was by far my favorite. There's something so intimate about private collections. I feel a connection not only with the art but with the collector. The Theodor Pallady Museum was also nice, located in the Armenian neighborhood of Bucharest and named after one of Romania's most famous artists. His paintings can be found in both the Theodor Pallady Museum and the Zambaccian. The National Museum of Art is worth checking out, but the more interesting contemporary art is located on the top floors. I've seen enough religious art and people with gold halos to last me for the rest of my life, so I sailed quickly through that section. Romanian museums have funny rules about taking photos. It's either not allowed or you can pay extra to take pictures. I chose to just search for these images on Google. 

Refugee by Cornel Medrea
Strada Pe Ploaie by Emilian Lazarescu
The Lovers by Leon Alex
Leon Biju
Carnival La Nice by Magdalena Rădulescu
Magdalena Rădulescu
Magdalena Rădulescu
Margareta Sterian
Margareta Sterian
Sava Henţia
Toujours du Baudelaire by Theodor Pallady

Femeie pe ganduri by Theodor Pallady
Theodor Pallady
Catrina by Nicolae Tonitza
Nicolae Tonitza
Nicolae Tonitza
Woman in Green by Kimon Loghi

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