Thursday, February 25, 2010

Graham Greene's Dreams

One of my new favorite books is Graham Greene's "A World of My Own." This dream journal is divided into 19 themed chapters. Graham Greene recorded his dreams almost daily, relying on them for inspiration, and then selected the dreams for this book before he died. I read in the forward that his interest took off when he was a boy and a psychoanalyst instructed him to keep a dream journal. This world of his own influenced the worlds of his characters, fueling his fiction and making him a better writer. I occasionally draw my dreams and I've thought about putting them in categories, so I can notice themes, and in turn discover subconscious fears, desires, and insecurities. I especially like the dream in which Graham Greene is sent to murder Joseph Goebbels, and I also like the dream in which he is not himself, but the World War I poet Wilfred Owen. I often have dreams in which I am not myself, so I was delighted to discover that similarity.


  1. I can never remember my dreams. But I did just give you an award on my blog