Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ich Liebe Nuremberg!

Upon hearing the city's name Nuremberg most people think of the Nuremberg trails, where Nazi war criminals were brought to justice, but I found the city to be a world of its own, full of charm and tranquility. I took the fast train from Munich, where I was staying with a friend. The train ride took less than an hour, and although I only spent one day in Nuremberg and it was raining, I'm so glad I had the good judgement to check out this fascinating city.

I loved the pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. As soon as I got off the train I found the tourist information office, picked up a map, bought a cool umbrella, and I was on my way! I visited several old churches, where I admired the stained glass windows, walked along the city walls and visited the Christmas Market, which is an ordinary farmers market for most of the year. I found the people to be genuinely friendly and the food to be absolutely delicious.

I will try to go back for the holidays, maybe this year, and definitely stay longer than one day.

This is a memorial to the White Rose group at the University of Munich. The brave members of the White Rose were arrested and beheaded by the Nazis in 1943 for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets. 

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