Sunday, April 17, 2011

Enough orientation already!

This is my 3rd day of lesson-planning, nametag-wearing, sitting-through-presentations-with-scattered-candy wrappers-on-my-desk fun. I've only gone out to explore Gwangju a couple times. I'm not feeling too adventurous yet, not with exploring, nor with food, but I'm still getting over jet lag. At breakfast this morning, I sat next to an Aussie who entertained me with stories about kangaroo fights and his horrific previous job working on a Disney cruise ship. He met all kinds of stupid, lazy Americans who would ask him how to say "hello" in Australian. I brainstormed with him briefly on how we can turn his job into a humorous short story.

I am ready to get settled in my new apartment, so I won't have to live out of a suitcase anymore. This orientation is meant to help us get settled, so I suppose it's necessary. I went through the agency Canadian Connection, and every teacher I've met only has positive things to say about them. Some people at the orientation have been teaching here for years. I'm sure all the presentations are like skipping records to them, so I should try to be more patient and sit still. After all, I'm being given useful information. Still, I can't help feeling restless!

I have to go get blood drawn now and take a drug test. I'm not too nervous about that. Just one more thing to check off the list. One other task I took care of yesterday was getting pictures taken for my alien registration card. I went with a guy from New Orleans and a guy from Capetown. The photographer airbrushed our pictures and erased the dark circles under our eyes, but for me, he elongated my neck, fixed my hair, and gave me a more modest, frilly blue shirt to match my eyes. After seeing beauty shops on almost every corner here in Korea, I'm not surprised that the photographer thought he was doing me a favor by making me look more beautiful.

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