Saturday, April 23, 2011

Longest moonwalk ever!

I did so much walking today my legs are killing me. I just got back to the hotel room after walking around beautiful Suncheon Bay, a Buddhist Temple, a village full of geese and goats, and all over Gwangju with a friend from Canada. Going up the steep hill to the hotel I had to walk backward. I'm sure I looked like a moonwalker with a mission. :)

I'm in a good mood now, but earlier today I was held captive on a Barry Manilow bus, meaning a bus where people are singing along with Barry Manilow and other songs I would rather not listen to. The guys in back of me were having a gross conversation, and combined with the terrible singing and the music playing so loudly, I could feel the bass in my chest, it was just a horrible ordeal. When the group got to Suncheon Bay, we came to a split path. We could either take the "Hard Road" or the "Road of Meditation." I, of course, took the Road of Meditation, but I couldn't meditate. I was just so angry! I was steaming over the gross guys on the bus and other matters beyond my control. I remembered what my friend Cfrances said to me one time when I got angry. She told me I can only control my own actions, and as long as I act with integrity, I have nothing to worry about. It's amazing how the best advice is always really simple. What finally calmed me down was talking Middle East politics with a New Yorker who struck up a conversation with me. I guess the road to meditation is not the same for everyone.

This evening, my Canadian friend and I went to a cool bar called Truffaut, I ordered a Guinness, and browsed the selection of rental DVDs. A jazzy rendition of some Bach tune was playing and I finally felt some peace of mind.

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