Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I leave for South Korea early Thursday morning to teach English for one year. Yesterday, I had my last day of work at the French bakery, and my sweet co-worker hugged me and cried. Then a customer came in with a big scented candle for me, hugged me over the counter and cried, saying she's genuinely going to miss me. All this emotion has left me feeling like a robot. I wonder if I've turned my emotions off to help myself deal with the changes in my life. Either that, or I have prepared myself for so long, I have realized that going to South Korea is the best decision. I've been to Korea before and I was impressed by the friendliness of the people and the beauty of the country. I'm going to live in Boseong, where all the green tea is grown. I should feel isolated at times, but I will have plenty of time to write and draw.

My mom is picking me up soon and we're driving to the beach with my dog, Daphne. Leaving Daphne is going to be really difficult. With everyone else, I can explain that I'm leaving for a year, but I'll be back. Daphne doesn't understand and she might think I've abandoned her. I'm going to have hope that my dog will still be alive when I get back (she's 13 now) and that my boyfriend will still be my boyfriend, and that my mom and brother will come visit and travel around Asia with me, particularly Mongolia, where we will ride horses, listen to throat singing, and maybe cross the Gobi by camel. :)

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