Thursday, April 1, 2010

Everybody must read Blankets.

The graphic novel "Blankets" is a perfect revelation of a life. I LOVE this book! The word "blankets" is so bland and yet, that word conjures up so many memories and images. I marvel at Craig Thompson's ability to draw 600 pages of gorgeous artwork, artwork which is funny and heartbreaking all at once.

The scenes depicting sibling rivalry are hilarious. During the first childhood fight is when the blanket theme is slipped in. This theme is the most poignant when Craig's high school girlfriend gives him a quilt she made. Craig's stifling religious upbringing is like a blanket thrown over his eyes, and one of his great challenges is learning to prosper as an artist and as a free thinker.

I knit scarves for people, but seeing as how scarves are not as useful as blankets, I don't think my gifts would inspire someone to write a graphic novel called "Scarves." I would love to learn how to quilt, but I have too many hobbies already and not enough time. I think giving this book as a gift to someone would be just as wonderful as a handmade quilt or scarf. This book is so beautiful, it will resonate with just about anyone.

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