Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stumptown Comics Fest

There are too many nerdy geniuses in the world. Well, actually it only seems that way right now because I just spent all afternoon packed in a big room with hundreds of them. The nerdiness was overpowering, but I plowed through it and left with a bag full of zines and graphic novels. Standing in line to get a book signed by Craig Thompson, a guy wearing a "Girl Watcher" button asked me if I liked British TV shows. That was his pick up line. It just so happens that I do like British TV shows, but I wasn't about to get too friendly with a guy wearing a "Girl Watcher" button. Why doesn't he just wear a button that says, "I'm Creepy"? How about a T shirt that says, "I like to stand uncomfortably close to girls and ask them if they like British TV shows"?

I waited an hour to get my book signed. That is the longest I have ever stood in line for an autograph and that really goes to show how much I like Craig Thomspson, especially since I'm willing to wait that long with a girl watcher standing next to me. After I chatted with Craig and he drew a bunny in my book, I felt the reward was worth the wait.

Strolling around the aisles, I realized how much I need to plug into this new world of creativity. Anybody can make a zine and sell it, and I think that accessibility will bring more and more people together. I found a lovely zine called "Bookulele: A Love Story" by Skylaar Amann. I got it for my mom because she plays the ukulele. Now my mom and I are both enchanted with this beautifully illustrated book.

I was mainly on the lookout for dream comics. I found two that are part of a series called "Night Life," by Tom Lechner. His drawings remind me of M.C. Escher's work because they're so detailed and he does a great job of showing sequenced events, so I really feel I am following the complete span of his dreams. I hope he expands his series so I can get more of his books.

At the Dark Horse table I asked for the book "The Night of Your Life," by Jesse Reklaw, recommended to me by Craig Thompson. A guy handed me the book and when I tried to pay him, he said, "Just take it." Wow. A free book. A totally awesome free book about dreams that I can't wait to read.

Comics really do make the world a better place.


  1. I went on Saturday. I had a cluster of friends who had tables throughout the event.

    What are your thoughts on zines?

  2. Zines are cool. They make me go a little crazy, like when I eat too much candy. What are your thoughts on zines? I didn't see anyone I knew at the comic fest, but I mostly had my head down.

  3. Zines are neat I guess. I would prefer a text based zine to a comic based one.